Privacy Policy

Survey to Earn is committed to safeguarding your privacy

Are you concerned about your privacy while uploading your personal information on this website? We can completely understand that this would be the case because it’s human nature to get worried about such matters. At survey to earn, we make sure that your personal information is kept private without anyone having access to it except our highly reliable staff.

How my information is kept safe:

Your personal information is handled meticulously by bearing in mind the personal data protection guidelines. Your information is used for research purposes only and it is stored on highly secure servers.

About the server:

Cint is the software that is used for protecting your data. It is a renowned global technology company which strictly abides by the standards and guidelines set out by ESOMAR.

For more information head over to their website
Insights Association

How your personal information is used

Your personal information may be employed in the following ways:

  1. In market research through a questionnaire.
  2. Collecting more information about the panelist.
  3. Responding to a support based issue.
  4. Validating a panelist’s answers, and
  5. Updating and ensuring that the panelist’s personal information is true and correct.


Cookies is a name that is known to almost everyone. Just to keep it simple, it has information about individuals on their respect devices. Cint comes into play by preventing fraudulent activities and by survey control. None of the individual’s personal information is shared with any third party but it may be used to monitor your activities that will enable us to assist us in evaluating our research clients.

In a nutshell, Survey to earn takes cares of each and every information that is provided because we understand and make sure that our panelists’ information is of utmost priority. Hence, no matter whatever happens, it will always be our goal to provide you with the most secure way of making money online.